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Pre-Employment readiness is the process of preparing students of any age with the essential skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job.

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Technology Training

We provide tech training to allow you to practice a range of skills to assist you in workforce readiness and success. When more than one resource is listed, you may want to try them out and then use the one you like best.


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Corporate Training

Today’s high-tech, global, and increasingly competitive economy requires Arizona workers and employers to have the most advanced skills available to succeed.

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Since 1993

Don't Forget Health & Wellness

Wraparound services can include anything from health and wellness care to mental health services, parent and family programs to legal and economic supports. By offering these services in our program, challenges to accessing such services, like physical distance, are eliminated. Wraparound services are critical to student success.


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AMC Works with agencies, partners, and employers to understand the needs and solutions for holistic workforce development.  Let’s get started @AMC