Keyboarding - This module provides an overview of proper posture while sitting at a computer, touch typing, and the keys of a computer keyboard.

Email - In this module, students learn about living online with an introduction to email and calendar applications. These are two online applications that can help students communicate and organize their busy lives.

Customer Service - The Customer Service module is purposed to help students understand the importance of an employee's role in customer service and the importance of customer service in business.

Communication - This module provides instruction on answering and documenting telephone calls in the medical office. Students experience handling incoming telephone calls, performing triage and leaving messages on machines and explore telephone technology.

Job Seeking Skills - This module provides an overview of tasks involved in finding, getting, and resigning from a job.

Professionalism - This module provides an overview of professionalism, including appearances, personal characteristics, and traits belonging to successful employees as students practice dealing with workplace situations and evaluate the effectiveness of employees.

Personal Financial Literacy - This module provides an understanding of how personal choices affect financial circumstances which impacts lifestyle. Students will increase financial knowledge so they can manage financial decisions.

Health & Wellness - This module provides an overview of the importance of wellness and nutrition as students learn about choosing health care providers, medications, physical examinations, and creating a practical wellness plan.